1st step in planning

We get asked all the time what the first step is when planning a wedding. So I would love nothing more than to walk you through my own personal planning!

Now that the excitement has calmed down a bit, let's start thinking about your wedding and what you want or don't want. The very first thing to consider is your budget. It will set the tone for everything. Like if you can afford a full service planner, how many people you invite, a band vs a DJ and so much more. Whether your budget be $15,000 or $100,000, you CAN have a wonderful event! Sometimes parents, grandparents, fiance or you personaly are paying for the wedding. So sit down and have those hard conversations about how much they are willing to spend. You will be glad to have that number moving forward!

I personally have set a midsized budget. I am a DIY bride! I love to plan. I'm very organized. I enjoy setting budgets and doing the research. IF you are NOT that bride, plan to spend a little more. You will want to pay others to do all of that for you. And that is perfectly ok! We all have our strengths. Don't be ashamed to say that staying organized isn't one of yours!

Hiring vendors is next, stay tuned!


Kellie Jo

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