Wedding cakes: The good, the bad and the ugly

Your wedding cake can be an amazing photo op! Not to mention they are super yummy to eat. That means that you need a bakery that can not only make it look great, but tastes great as well. Yet another plus of hiring a planner is that we have worked with most, in not all, of the bakeries in Tulsa. So we can tell you who will fit your style best or who might have the most unusual cake flavors.

What is most important to you, flavor, uniqueness, looks? Then do some research to see who is in your area. You always want to see pictures or recent work that they have done. Once you settle on a couple that look like your style, go for a tasting! That's the good part ;-)

Your cake can be something completely different than a cake as well! You could do cinnamon rolls for a brunch wedding, a pizza cake for the pizza lovers, donut holes maybe, or even fruit if you are big into sweets. Your options are endless!

Don't forget that you can design your cake to look like anything you want!! Starwars, a tree stump, your favorite book, the moon, etc. Let your cake be something fun to bring out your personality!

A couple things you want to keep in mind: you need someone that you can rely on! You don't want to hire a friend's aunt, who decides to go on vacation and cancel a week before the wedding. Delivery is a must! Getting the cake to your reception is half the battle. Bakeries have the experience and vehicle needed to deliver your cake in one piece.

Most importantly... Have fun with it! Love your wedding experience!


Kellie Jo

Wedding Cake

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