Who pays for what?

We get asked all the time who is supposed to be paying for what? We know that each generation will handle this different than the one before them. Couples are becoming independent and paying for more and more on their own. Which is fantastic but can cause some confusion on who should be footing the bill for ceremony flowers, bouquets, etc. So we are going to highlight some old traditions and some of the changes we are seeing.

Traditionally the bride's family shoulders the biggest costs. They would pay for the venue, planning expenses, bride's attire, floral arrangements, and more! But today, a lot of brides and grooms are paying for these things on their own by either chipping in or taking over certain costs completely.

The bride would personally pay for the grooms ring, personal flowers and gifts for her attendants. Now, those are items that the parents might chip in to help with.

The wedding reception is traditionally paid for by the bride's parents. But a lot of groom's parents are now either paying for the entire reception, gifting the event coordinator to bride, or chipping in to share the cost of the reception.

The grooms' family would pay for the boutonnieres and rehearsal dinner. But we have seen the groom's family be willing to help in any way they can, like paying for the catering or booze.

The groom, himself, would gift the bride's bouquet to his new bride, as well as her rings. And the honeymoon costs falls to him as the head of the household. The marriage license call fall to either the groom or his family. Now, his parent's may chip in on these or pay for it themselves.

So basically, it is completely up to you on who pays for what anymore. We have seen it all! We don't believe there is a right way or a wrong way. As long as everyone agrees and everyone is happy, then that is perfect for you!


Kellie Jo

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