More than just a guest book

So you want something more than just a book for people to sign at your wedding? Traditional isn't everyone's style afterall. We have had some really fun "guest books" in the past that we would love to share with you!

-Make it art. A painting, large letter or picture for everyone to sign and be displayed in your home is an adorable way to remember who all was there for your special day.

- Photos. Have a polaroid camera available for everyone to take a selfie. Sign the selfie and stick it in a book. It's really that easy!

- Put it in a vase. Your guests would love signing something more original like jenga pieces, rocks or even wine corks. Pick something that matches your home decor and you'll never tire of having it on display.

-Something to sit on. Have you thought about having your friends and family sign a wooden chair or bench? Use a sharpie and then just seal over the wood and you have something that is beautiful and useful.

Do you have a favorite guest book idea? We would love to hear it!!


Kellie Jo

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