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Last week I blogged about how to keep the toddlers busy at the wedding but what about the family that wants to help with the planning of the wedding? They have good intentions and we know you don't want to hurt anyones feelings but you have the real planning covered so let's talk about some ways to make them feel loved while you and your planner take care of all the big stuff.

Look it up. Ask your music loving dad to research some bands for you. After all he did play in a garage band in highschool so he knows what to look for. Just tell him what type of band you would like and do some searching. Have an aunt that loves to garden? Ask her to put a pinterest board together with some centerpiece ideas. Tell her what colors you like and your favorite flower and let her get to work. They will love that you have trusted them even with such a small part of your big day.

Do the math. Math not your strong suite? No worries, I'm sure you have a math lover in the family somewhere. Ask them to help you keep track of your budget. After all, that is one of the biggest worries when planning the wedding. Just make sure they get a good seat at the wedding in return.

Type A. Do you have a cousin that is so organized you don't know how she does it? Maybe taking her along with you to your meetings with your planner. She can take notes to email you later on so you know what your tasks are until your next meeting. It's like having your own personal assistant. Promise that you will set her up with the cute best man and she is all yours.

No matter how you decide to include family just remember they want to help because they love you. They are trying to help take some stress off of you, so why not let them with some easy tasks like these? I promise that it will make everyone happy.


Kellie Jo

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