What to do with the Kiddos

We know one of the hardest decisions when planning your wedding is whether you should invite kids or not. You love your sweet 3 year old nephew very much but know that he can be a handful. You paid a lot of money for those centerpieces and don't want them knocked over by a group of 9 year olds running around like a group of wild animals? Want your guests to be able to relax, have a drink and have a good time? We understand! Let us help you to entertain those cute little kids! That way you get the best of both worlds!

~Stick 'em together. Have a kids table for them all to sit together! They don't need a centerpiece. Give them a table with crayons, food they like and some placemats to draw on.

~Games! If you have room outdoors, then set up cornhole or ring toss on the grass for something fun to do. Everything indoors? How about an XBox station? You may even lose some of the grown men to that one!

~Hire it out. Seriously, nannies are great! Especially if you have 5 or more young children. That will help both you and their parents relax and enjoy the night.

~Send them on a hunt. If the kids are 5 and older, send them on a scavenger hunt! Maybe even give them a disposable camera. This could keep them busy for hours!! Plus those photos will be fun for you to look at later on.

~Netflix and chill. Movies are the perfect way to get them to wind down later in the evening. Some of them may even fall asleep! Just stick "Frozen" in and you should be good to go for awhile!!


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