Honor Your Loved One

A lot of brides ask us how they can honor their lost loved ones at their wedding. It can be parents, grandparents or even friends that made an impact on your life. We understand your desire to show your respect. I've put together some ideas on how you can show your love for them from public to private.

1) Tribute.

You can add a simple tribute to your ceremony program with their names and a message.

2) Save them a seat.

Place a photo or flowers in a seat either before the ceremony starts or as part of the ceremony.

3)Take a photo with them.

Have your photographer take a photo of you holding a framed picture of your loved ones.

4)Family heirloom.

Carry a prized family heirloom down the aisle. It can be an old bible, a wedding ring or even a rosary.

5)Photo display.

Set up a table with photos of your loved ones. It can be at the ceremony or at the reception site.

6) Picture charms.

Hang tiny picture charms from your bridal bouquet and carry them down the aisle with you.

There are many more ideas out there. As long as they are meaningful to you, then it's the perfect way to show your love!


Kellie Jo

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