Saving you money from A to Z

Bride in a Box was designed to help save you money and we know that is #1 on all DIY Brides list. So we've come up with a few ways to help you save on your wedding from A all the way to Z.

A - Alcohol: Don't offer endless options. Pick a few favorites and stick to those.

B - Buffet: Requires less staff .

C - Cake: Choose a smaller cake and have a sheet cake in the back ready to be served.

D - DIY: Make your own decor. But only stuff you can. Hire the pros to do the big stuff.

E - Engagement: It doesn't have to be lavish. Just memorable for the 2 of you.

F - Flowers: Choose your flowers based on what is in season.

G - Guest List: Cut it. Do you really need to invite your 2nd cousin's best friend you met that one time in college?

H - Hotel: Find one that will let you have a block of rooms for a discounted price.

I - Important: Focus on what is important to you, not what your friends think you should have.

J - January: Everything is more affordable in the off season.

K - Keep it small: Large weddings can be fun but aren't necessary to enjoy your day.

L - Lighting: It's needed. Don't skimp on this one. Hire someone that knows what they are doing.

M - Makeup: Go pro. But shop around. You can find a new up-and-comer for a great price.

N - Negotiate: Want to use your dog as the ring bearer? Lean on your planner to help negotiate the terms of your contract.

O - One stop shopping: Find a pro that knows what they are doing and can help in more than 1 area. Hint Hint: Bride in a Box ;)

P - Professional: Just because your friends cooks for you on the weekends doesn't mean they can handle a dinner for 200 people. You'll save your sanity with this one!

Q - Questions: Don't be afraid to ask! Make sure you know exactly what you are getting.

R - Ranunculus: Less expensive than roses and peonies but just as romantic.

S - Skip. Save the Dates are cute and fun but not needed. Social Media announces it nowadays.

T - Time: Take your time planning. Don't rush the process. You'll be able to save more and put less on credit cards.

U - Unconventional: Pick a day during the week to save several hundred on your venue.

V - Venue: Choose something that will accomidate your guest list. You'll spend more last minute trying to rent a tent for those guests forced to sit outside in the rain.

W - Wedding coordinator: We work with budgets of all sizes and will go to bat for you over contracts and keep you on budget!

X - eXamples: Ask to see pictures and even video of your vendors previous work.

Y - Yield: Realize you may have to yield to some of your bigger desires and go with something more practical.

Z - ZZZ: Look for an all-inclusive hotel for your honeymoon so you aren't spending extra on food and booze.

Wedding planning should be a wonderful experience. Just remember just because it's on Pinterest doesn't mean you have to have it!


Kellie Jo

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