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So far we have viewed the Guest List from the perspective of the couple and anyone making a financial contribution to the wedding day. Now it's the guests' turn! Faithful wedding attendees - here is what you should expect once you get the invitation in the mail and the happy couple asks you to be a part of their day as well as some wedding guest etiquette.


According to Anti-Bride, good wedding guests do the following:

- They reply to the invitation quickly and send a gift within one year after the wedding.

- They ask the appropriate registry questions. Brides aren't expected to spontaneously volunteer the names of the stores where they've registered. Guests are expected to take the initiative and ask for registry information. Ask the bride, her mother or a member of the maids. Plus it's just not that cute to have the words "Walmart" or "Bed, Bath & Beyond" on an invitation.


Now to the future Mr. & Mrs., your guests should enjoy the whole experience. From the time they receive their invitation to the grand exit, this event should be not just memorable but enjoyable (trust me, some of the most memorable weddings are the least-enjoyed).

What should your guests expect out of your wedding experience? Well let's talk about the out-of-towners. Your guests traveling to the event will be crammed in cars or airplanes for hours and living out of suitcases all for you. Anti-Bride says let's take care of them by doing the following:

- Identify and arrange special overnight accomodations. Contact a hotel close to your wedding venue and also near local activities (best bars, restaurants, night-life, etc.) and arrange a discounted rate by reserving a room block (usually a 10 room minimum).

- Since guests pay for their own rooms, keep their finances in mind. College friends and new grads may have a more modest budget and perfectly content with a budget friendly chain while older guests may prefer something cushy like a bed & breakfast. Variety is a great thing for guests.

- Ask Bride in a Box to assist you with the guest experience by helping you create swag bags and a list of activities (one of our absolute favorite things to do).


All wedding guests, local and traveling, should have a wonderful time at your wedding. Sounds like a "duh" statement but Brides get "Bride Blinders" on sometimes and get caught up focusing on decor, music, catering, etc. and forget that it's a celebration! Bride in a Box™ can help you control the chaos, make big decisions and help you create an enjoyable and memorable experience for every person at your wedding.

Wedding Wishes!



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