Guest-pectations : Bride & Groom's Perspective

Lately at BIB we have been talking Guest List.

Today we are taking a closer look at the guest list from the perspective of the Bride, Groom and anyone making a financial contribution to the wedding.


Tackling the guest list is one of the most important to-dos on your wedding planning checklist as well as being the most tedious and (let's be honest) a little annoying. BUT once it's conquered you feel like a champ and receiving "will be attending" RSVPs can make a bride giddier than ever. Deciding who to / how many to invite is crucial as you will be paying a notable amount for them to attend your wedding. Don't fall into the trap of "I'll invite as many as I can so we can get more gifts." While this may be true your $50 Bed, Bath and Beyond gift card does not equate to the average cost of $229/guest. Our friends at Anti-Bride have great advice for helping decide on the guest list:

When deciding on your guest list, approach the task as you would a real-estate purchase: with a cold eye and an appreciation of the bottom line. You have a limited amount of money and space. You know the people you want to invite as well as the people you feel you should invite. Your job is to figure out how to edit the list without experiencing emotional blackmail or fiscal folly.

While it sounds harsh, this approach can really help you stretch your wedding dollars. If you need a good out, Anti-Bride suggests blaming it on the venue. You can tell anyone that didn't make the cut that you had to adhere to the venue's maximum capacity rules.

Guests, don't worry, we have PLENTY more rules for the couple and how they should accomodate you coming up! Stay tuned.

Wedding wishes,


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