What exactly is "Day-of Coordination?"


If you’re searching for wedding day coordination then look no further! Bride In A Box's services are more accurately described as Wedding Month Management. Our couples are those that feel pretty comfortable planning and designing their own wedding. They have time, are organized, and enjoy the process. However they have no intention of spending all the time, money and effort only to run around like crazy people on their wedding day.  Like all of our couples, they want to relax, enjoy and be present on their wedding day!


This service starts right when you hire us! You’ll receive our Wedding Wishes Checklists (sure to help you stay organized and help us serve you most effectively) and two hours of professional consultation! We’ll confirm vendors, manage your timeline on the wedding day and be your behind-the-scenes Fairy Godmother. We’ll run your rehearsal, and then be there on your wedding day, making sure things run smoothly. 


We consider ourselves the best insurance you can have for your wedding. Why invest so much time, energy and money into DIY-ing for your wedding just to have it not be set out or coordinated the way you've envisioned? You need to be focused on relaxing, having fun and GETTING MARRIED! From flowers to transportation to the caterer, we will manage it all.





Why have a coordinator? Can't my friends or family do it? 


The answer to this question is simple: No. There are 31+ categories that must be attended to on a wedding day. We don't want any categories missed when it comes to your wedding and if you have anyone that's not a professional trying to manage your event, details will get overlooked. Who's lighting your candles for the reception if they're all getting dressed with you or at the ceremony? And why would you want your friends or family in charge of managing your wedding? Don't you want your mom, friends and other guests to have just as much fun on your wedding day as you? 



My DJ / caterer / venue / etc. has a timeline or event manager. Why isn't that sufficient?


Don't get us wrong. We LOVE our fellow wedding vendors. They are great at what they do. So why have your DJ focused on anything other than entertainment? The venue's manager is exactly that: a venue manager. Their job on that day is to ensure that the venue upholds excellent service but they are not obligated to do much more than that. They are not responsible for making sure the limo is on time or the centerpieces are displayed as you want. Let them do what they do best and let us do what we do best: serve as liaison between you and your vendors and set up your design so all you do is enjoy your day. 



I can't afford a coordinator. 


You can't afford not to have a coordinator. The more you spend on your wedding, the more there is to lose. Why invest months of time, energy and money into planning your wedding just to risk it not all coming together? Let's not forget the price of your sanity. What is it worth to you?  Wouldn't you rather have someone serving as your vendor liaison other than your friends, mom or you? 



At what point should I hire Bride In A Box™?


The earlier the better! If you want a stress-less wedding day, then don't miss out on being on our calendar.  We can only do so many events in a day so call us, set up your initial consultation and we'll go from there!