For years we've heard from Brides like you who want to plan their own weddings but still want the look and feel that a custom wedding planner and designer can offer.


Enter Bride in a Box™.  We've taken the expertise and the experience gained through six years of planning custom weddings at Lasting Impressions of Tulsa, LLC and developed a package for the DIY bride.


You may not need all the time that comes with a custom wedding planning package or you may actually want to be totally involved in the day to day vendor selection and communications.  So you're NOT paying for things you don't need.


What you DO get is the stress free wedding day knowing that all your plans are being executed by a professional and that the decor you've chosen for your wedding will be in place when you arrive, on budget and looking fabulous!


We would love to deliver the perfect wedding day to YOU.


Email us for availability and selections:


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