Bride In a Box™ response to COVID-19

Now that some of the restrictions have been lifted regarding events and gatherings, just HOW do you go about planning your wedding!

Well, if you’ve come to our site, then you know we are planners and so who better to walk you through the new wedding etiquette?

Let’s talk about whether to postpone your wedding, downsize your wedding or do a “shift” wedding.  There are options.

  1. Postponing - there are two ways to do this:  proceed with your original date either by a simple “just the two of you” ceremony or a small “minimony” event of a few guests.  Then find another date that works for you and the venue you have contracted with for a “sequel” wedding.  Be sure to reach out to all of your vendors to confirm that they are available.

  2. Downsize your wedding to a size that more fits the times and changes that we are all going through.  Many family members and friends may not want to travel or attend large gatherings.  (hint – that’s what streaming live is for!)

  3. Shift weddings – totally new – but timely.  Plan to invite one group to the ceremony with a mix and mingle after (food and drink of course).  Then either move locations or allow time for the space to be sanitized and reprovisioned for another group to come in for either a full blown reception or another mix and mingle.  And if you have the stamina, you can add an “after party” for your diehard party animal friends to include yet a third group.

Any way you decide to go, Bride In A Box™ has you covered.  Choose a “Box”, pick your colors, give us your guest count – and we’ll take it from there.  or text us at 918-629-1877.